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Pasadena Garage Doors | Should I replace both springs when one breaks?

It is not very common for two springs to break at the same time when the unthinkable happens–  More often than not, it’s a single spring that has decided it’s had enough, and that’s when your whole garage door system comes to a halt;  ultimately, you end up calling a professional garage door spring company like Pasadena Garage Doors when this happens.

Probably the most common repair we perform is spring replacement, and every time, it’s someone asking us, “Should I replace the spring that hasn’t broken yet along with the broken one?”

The answer should seem fairly obvious, but most homeowners don’t think about their springs the right way.  Think of them like tires–  If one bursts, you usually want to buy pairs, because properly rotated tires wear at approximately the same rate.  If you only replace one, it means you’ll likely have to make another trip to the tire store soon, and you won’t be able to take advantage of bulk pricing discounts by buying two tires at once.  Springs are the same way, which is why we always advise replacing both springs when one breaks.

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