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Pasadena Garage Doors | How can I tell what type of opener I have?

Are you interested in a new garage door opener, but have no idea what style you currently have?  How can you decide to “upgrade” unless you know that you’re actually upgrading?  Well, here are a few clues as to what sort of garage door opener you have:

  • If the opener is ridiculously loud, you likely have a chain drive opener, which is the most economical style.
  • If you look in the track and see a long thread (like a screw that runs the whole length), you have a screw drive opener.
  • If it does neither of the above, it’s a belt drive.
  • If the garage door is mounted on the side wall of your garage, it’s a jackshaft opener.

Now that you can figure out what type of opener you have, you can consult a garage door professional about what type you should replace it with!  Maybe we’ll talk about that next month!

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