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Pasadena Garage Doors | Garage Door Murals

We want to take a moment to appreciate truly creative homeowners.  You see, the garage door is one of the largest single faces on the front of your home, and if you want your home to really stand out in a different way, you could do what these people did–  Turn your garage door into a mural:

garage door repair ideasWhat will the neighbors think of that?  Okay, so let’s look at a more tame example(s):

garage door 3d artThese are incredible ways to make your home really stand out.  Let’s look at a few more garage door murals:

garage door murals It definitely gives me ideas for my garage door!




Pasadena Garage Doors | (888) 326 – 6008 | Repairs even on Christmas

If your garage door breaks down on Christmas, don’t worry! Pasadena Garage Doors is open 24/7 even on Christmas day! You will never be stranded with a broken garage door when you have the number for Pasadena Garage Doors. We know how much you need a working garage door, especially on important days, and that is why we will always be here to help you out. If your garage door isn’t broken but just needs a little maintenance before the family shows up, we can certainly help there too!

Make sure you have our number handy this next week, just in case!

Pasadena Garage Doors | (888) 326 – 6008 | Keep up on maintenance

It is so important to keep up on the maintenance of your garage door. So many people don’t realize that they can actually avoid paying huge amounts in garage door replacement if they actually just have someone out a couple times a year to check up on the door. In a lot of cases our technicians can find a problem as it is beginning and then they can fix it right away keeping it from ruining other parts of the garage door. Pasadena Garage Doors can certainly help you with all garage door maintenance. Give us a call today and we will send someone out.

Pasadena Garage Doors | “Spring Cleaning”

When you think of spring cleaning, I bet you don’t think of springs.  Before being trained in garage door repair, I wouldn’t have really thought about it, but cleaning your garage door springs should be a part of your annual spring cleaning.

Come to think of it, not only should your garage door springs be cleaned, but your entire garage door and garage door system should go through some maintenance during this time.  Think about it–  What’s more cost effective:  Paying for some annual maintenance, or replacing a crucial component of your garage door?

The answer is obvious to us.  It’s the same concept as replacing your engine oil regularly–  The amount of protection offered by regular upkeep will help avoid a catastrophic problem down the road.

Pasadena Garage Doors | (888) 326 – 6008 | Garage door squeaking?

Has your garage door started squeaking or moaning every time you open or close it? If so, it might be a quick repair that will only require some lubrication. A garage door technician from Pasadena Garage Doors will be able to quickly see if simply lubricating the hinges and springs will be enough to make the squeaking stop. If it is something more intense, we will be able find out and then we can ever repair or replace the broken parts the very same day you call. Don’t put up with all that noise when using your garage door, call Pasadena  Garage Doors to take care of it.

Pasadena Garage Doors | (888) 326 – 6008 | How does my garage door work?

Most of us never really think about the mechanics of how a garage door works, unless the door breaks. So, if you are here then we are guessing there is something wrong with your door. There are many different things that could be the problem, but here we will briefly explain how the garage door works in the hope that it will help you figure out the problem.

The garage door button is pressed, this sends a signal to the opener telling it to operate to either open or close the garage door. The opener will then send a signal to the springs and the belt or chain telling them to pull up or lower down. And there you have it, there is obviously a lot more that goes into it, but that should help you know where the problem is occurring.

Pasadena Garage Doors | (888) 326 – 6008 | Emergency garage door repair

If you are in the terrible situation that your garage door has broken it can negatively affect your whole day. A broken garage door is not only an inconvenience but also a safety issue. Broken garage doors can act as a signal to robbers that your home will be easier to break into. It also usually means that you are parking your car on the street leaving it vulnerable. If you find your garage door broken please call us right away to come out and do emergency garage door repair. We don’t charge any extra for this fee because we value you and your safety.

Pasadena Garage Doors | (888) 326 – 6008 | Best garage door manufacturers

If you have ever started the hunt for a new garage door you have probably noticed that there are quite a few different brands and manufacturers out there. You might be wondering which of these are the best. Pasadena Garage Doors only works with the best garage door manufacturers so we feel confident in telling you who we think is best. We personally like to work with Martin, Clopay, Chamberlain, Amarr, Wayne Dalton, and other well known manufacturers. We are more than happy to send a technician over to go over all the different garage door options you have.

Pasadena Garage Doors | (888) 326 – 6008 | Beware of Springs

One of the most integral parts of your garage door system also happens to be one of the most dangerous.  We’re talking, of course, about the garage door springs.  Garage door springs are wound very tightly, and act as a simple method of transferring to make your garage door open and close with ease.  With that immense tension comes a great deal of pent up energy that can be very dangerous when an amateur or a DIYer attempts to replace springs on their own.  This is why it’s important that you always call a professional garage door repair technician in for the job of replacing your garage door springs–  Otherwise, you could run into serious, or potentially fatal problems with your garage door.

Pasadena Garage Doors | (888) 326 – 6008 | It is too hot for your garage door?

When the temperatures start rising in the summer we don’t generally think about our garage doors. But there are some things to keep in mind during these really hot days.

The first thing you should try to do is not to open and close the garage door during the day, try to only use it before and after sunrise and sunset if possible. This will ensure that keep the hot temps from getting inside your garage and home.

We would also suggest having basic garage door maintenance done at the beginning and end of summer to make sure that the heat has not affected any of the working parts.

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