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Pasadena Garage Doors | How can I tell what type of opener I have?

Are you interested in a new garage door opener, but have no idea what style you currently have?  How can you decide to “upgrade” unless you know that you’re actually upgrading?  Well, here are a few clues as to what sort of garage door opener you have:

  • If the opener is ridiculously loud, you likely have a chain drive opener, which is the most economical style.
  • If you look in the track and see a long thread (like a screw that runs the whole length), you have a screw drive opener.
  • If it does neither of the above, it’s a belt drive.
  • If the garage door is mounted on the side wall of your garage, it’s a jackshaft opener.

Now that you can figure out what type of opener you have, you can consult a garage door professional about what type you should replace it with!  Maybe we’ll talk about that next month!

Pasadena Garage Doors | How often should I replace my garage door?

In all honesty if your garage door is still in good working order then there is no “right” time to replace it. With that being said an older garage door can really date your home making it look a little older and more run down than the rest of the homes in your neighborhood. Garage door manufacturers are also coming out with new garage door technologies every 5-10 years that are great improvements in safety and functionality, so it can greatly benefit you to upgrade your door once every 10 years.

At the end of the day if your door is working great, then keep on. But a new garage door can make your whole home look new and it can save you money in electricity because it will operate in a much more cost efficient way!

Pasadena Garage Doors | Emergency Services

“I never understood why people would say to look for a garage door company that offered emergency garage door services until my garage door broke down one morning when I desperately needed to get my car out to get to an important meeting. In a panic I looked online and found Pasadena Garage Doors who was able to fix my garage door within an hour.” – Dianna

This is just one example of how our emergency garage door services has really helped residents of Pasadena, CA out. We know it can really make a huge difference in the quality of your day and life and that is why we always have and always will offer same day and emergency garage door services for no extra charge.

Pasadena Garage Doors | Uncommon styles of garage door openers

There are many different types of garage door openers out there, but most don’t realize that two are pretty uncommon, and are usually reserved for very particular applications.

Which two are those?  What are they used for?  Why use them?  Well,  I’m here to answer those questions for you:

  • Jackshaft Openers – This style of opener is used to expand vertical clearance in garages, whether the desire is increase storage space or the size of your car, this is reserved for short garages or those who need more ceiling space in their garage.
  • Screw Drive Openers – This is a very loud, heavy duty garage door opener that is typically reserved for commercial / industrial applications as it’s overkill for homes.  That doesn’t stop homeowners from using them, especially those with very large garages / garage doors who need something that can move a behemoth.

Which is right for you?  In most cases, neither, but you may need them in some cases, and we recommend you ask your garage door opener tech about them if you’re curious!

Pasadena Garage Doors | “Spring Cleaning” even though it’s not spring?

There are two types of spring cleaning that should be done every year.  Unfortunately, most people skip both forms of spring cleaning in favor of. . .  Well, I’m not quite sure what, but in today’s world, it could be any number of things.  Are you one of the homeowners that skipped them?  Well, here’s what they are, and why:

  1. Garage Door Spring Cleaning – Clean your springs so that they stay gunk and residue free to help prevent them from binding up.
  2. Traditional Spring Cleaning – Go through all of that stuff you store in your garage and try and not only un clutter your life, but make a few bucks off it all, too!

Both of these should be done regularly, anyway–  Why wait until spring?

Pasadena Garage Doors | My garage door started talking to me– What should I do?

Well, that’s a weird thing to say–  Your garage door is talking to you?  We’ve actually had someone call in and say that, and my response was: “Was it polite?  What language did it speak?”

I kid.  Garage doors don’t speak English, they speak garage-door-ese; usually, they’ll make a strange groan, creak, or bang, and that means that something is going wrong and that they’d like to see a “doctor;” of course, doctor in garage-door-ese really means a garage door repair technician.

The speech your garage door gives every time it operates should be uniform and unchanging; when you hear something different, it’s time for you to get it checked out!

Pasadena Garage Doors | Who cares about response time?

Last month, we talked about the importance of finding a garage door company that offers same day service;  and as a reminder, it’s very important.  You don’t wan to spend your entire day waiting around–  Or worse, weeks waiting around.

But now I’d like to talk to you about response time.  Does that truly matter?

Well, it depends, but in most cases, yes.

Let’s say it’s late at night, and you want to go to bed.  However, your garage door is stuck open, leaving you, your family, and your valuables exposed to the world.  If a garage door company can’t make it out soon, you’ll want to go to bed and do it tomorrow, which is not a good situation overnight.

However, if you had gone with a company that offers one hour response times (like Pasadena Garage Doors), you could have your garage door fixed in no time, and be in bed by bedtime.

So which will it be?

Pasadena Garage Doors | Why is Same Day Service Important?

We use “Same Day Service” as a selling point here at Pasadena Garage Doors, and for good reason!  It’s all a part of our pledge to better serve you, our customer!  Think of it like this:  Other garage door repair companies may require you to make an appointment for a week down the road because that’s how they do business.  That means that for a long time, your garage door is not functional, and could actually be leaving your home unsecured.

Or, you could have a garage door company that can make it out immediately and fix your garage door issues the same day so that you don’t have to wait.

Pasadena Garage Doors | Should I replace both springs when one breaks?

It is not very common for two springs to break at the same time when the unthinkable happens–  More often than not, it’s a single spring that has decided it’s had enough, and that’s when your whole garage door system comes to a halt;  ultimately, you end up calling a professional garage door spring company like Pasadena Garage Doors when this happens.

Probably the most common repair we perform is spring replacement, and every time, it’s someone asking us, “Should I replace the spring that hasn’t broken yet along with the broken one?”

The answer should seem fairly obvious, but most homeowners don’t think about their springs the right way.  Think of them like tires–  If one bursts, you usually want to buy pairs, because properly rotated tires wear at approximately the same rate.  If you only replace one, it means you’ll likely have to make another trip to the tire store soon, and you won’t be able to take advantage of bulk pricing discounts by buying two tires at once.  Springs are the same way, which is why we always advise replacing both springs when one breaks.

Pasadena Garage Doors | “Don’t fix my springs. Just get rid of them.”

So, just in case you didn’t see the title of this post, here it is again: “Don’t fix my springs. Just get rid of them.”

Wow.  That’s something a customer of ours actually said.  Of course, we didn’t oblige him on that journey–  Instead, we educated him on why his garage door would not survive without a set of garage door springs.

Here’s the thing:  Your springs are the actual stars of the show.  Your garage door is a heavy piece of machinery, and your garage door opener is dramatically underpowered when it comes to the task of operating your garage door.  So how does your opener open your garage door?  By using the springs to transfer the load an make opening and closing the garage door effortless.

Immediately after being educated, that customer got new springs–  The alternative, which is not having a functional garage door, was not an option for him.

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